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Basic Solutions

  1. Pricing ranging from $100-400
  2. Pages ranging from 1-4

  3. Services to include:
  • 1.) Basic pictures
  • 2.) Domain Registration for 1yr.
  • 3.) Professional Email setup (1) account
  • 4.) Web Hosting for 1yr.

Select Solutions

  1. Pricing ranging from $100-2100
  2. Pages ranging from 1-10
  3. Solutions that are flexible and customizable to your needs
  4. Any Selected item from Complex Service List.

Complex Solutions

Choose from 4 service packages to include:
  1. Pricing ranging from $900-2100
  2. Pages ranging from 4-10

  3. Services to include:
  • 1.) Custom Graphis/Logos
  • 2.) Scanned pictures
  • 3.) Social Media web embedding i.e. Blogs
  • 4.) Professional Email setup
  • 5.) Ecommerce and online shopping
  • 6.) Search engine optimization
  • 7.) Desktop Publishing (i.e. flyers newsletters).
  • 8.) Site Map Page outline
  • 9.) Music
  • 10.) Online Shopping Carts
  • 11.) Web site server domain hosting
  • 12.) Guestbook


Desktop Publishing Solutions

  1. Pricing starting at $600.00
  2. Generate advertising revenue for publications and the internet
  3. Develop and maintain new advertising concepts, and manage existing clients; maintain regular client visits and contact
  4. Develop and maintain new circulation groups, and manage existing subscribers; maintain and retain existing subscribers
  5. Work with Graphics Group and Editorial Team to maintain and enhance the quality of publications to include: Artwork; Logos; Photos; Newsletters; Business Cards; and Flyers

Ecommerce Solutions

  1. The vast majority of eCommerce websites we develop and launch typically range anywhere from $1,000 $5,000
  2. Personalized online shopping experiences for your end customers
  3. Flexible merchandizing and customized order capture flows
  4. Seamless shopping experience across multiple channels, brands and markets
  5. B2C and B2B E-Commerce
  6. Social Media intergation
  7. Online Calendars

Estimate Inclusions

  1. All quotes include Consulting and Site Maintainace fees (default and included in every quote).

  2. All Calculations are in US  (-USD)  currency.


Full Price List . . .  [click to expand/collapse]

Services Price List  Prices valid from 1/1/18 to 1/1/19

Effective Solutions For Today's World ! - Smart Advice, Technology, and Services: Web Consulting Made Easy [pricing may vary based on solution complexity]
Chart best viewed horizontally
Service ID Service Type Description Price per Hour or Incident
01-0788 Consultant Fee Basic Consulting fee (consulting/solutions) only $50.00
01-0789 Web Consultant Fee Consulting fee for processing $100.00
02-0786 1-3 page layout page with logo, up to 3 photos, standard graphics $200.00
03-0786 4-5 page layout page with logo, up to 4 photos, custom or standard graphics $500.00
04-0786 6-7 page layout page with logo, up to 7 photos, custom or standard graphics $900.00
05-0786 8-10 page layout page web site, including logo, up to 10 photos, custom or standard $2,300.00
06-0789 10 plus page layout Over 10 pages: free quotes upon request Call
01-0143 Graphics/Pictures Graphics, pictures or images (per page) $3.00
02-0143 Custom Graphic/Logo Custom Graphics, pictures or images (per page) $30.00
03-0143 Company Logo Creation of Company Logo $50.00
04-0143 Scanned Picture Scanned Graphics, pictures or images (per image) $10.00
01-0243 External Links Links to other sites i.e. partners (per link) $2.00
02-0243 Forms Basic forms online or printed $40.00
03-0243 Site Menu Basic web site menu with dropdown (per page) $3.50
04-0243 Audio Site audio i.e. background music or music clips $8.00
05-0243 Guestbook Basic site guestbook $5.00
06-0243 Domain Name setup Basic service to setup domain (per month @ $8.95) $107.40
07-0243 Web Hosting Basic Web Host; price can change depending on hosting plan and storage (per month @ $4.00) $48.00
08-0243 Advertising Web Site promotions i.e. social media (per advertisement) $5.00
01-0343 Site Maintenance Monthly Fee for maintaining site and minor updates ($31.25 per 15min.) $125.00
01-0443 Shopping Cart Ecommerce online Shopping cart $25.00
02-0443 Online Auction Basic Ecommerce Online Auction (can be linked to eBay, Amazon) $35.00
03-0443 Advertising Site Ads Basic Banner Ads $15.00
04-0443 Calendars Basic Calendar Events $25.00
05-0443 E-Commerce Complex E-Commerce Setup i.e. cart, booking, scheduling, tracking $1,000.00


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