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JGWD Solutions is an interactive company, that delivers highly functional and engaging website design, website development, Web applications, e-commerce, graphic design, print and Internet marketing solutions. Simply put, we design, build, and market solutions that exceed expectations and produce results - on time and on budget.

At JGWD Solutions, we employ state-of-the-art web technology to ensure your site is pleasing to the eye, quick to load, easily navigated as well as an effective marketing tool. Graphic Design Services: Even the most basic web site will benefit from visually pleasing graphics. JGWD Solutions custom designs all the visual elements to be incorporated into our web sites with the exception only of your existing corporate logos and photography. All graphics are tailored to match the image of your organization and your target audiences.

  Desktop Publishing (i.e. flyers/news letters)
Branding & Identity
Internet Marketing
  Graphic/Logo Design
Copy Writing



  1. Professional design including photos and copy created specifically for your business (some template base)
  2. Monthly website updates
  3. Calendar invites through Constant Contact; setup and maintenance
  4. Social Media web embedding i.e. Blogs
  5. Professional Email setup
  6. Ecommerce and online shopping
  7. Search engine optimization
  8. Desktop Publishing (i.e. flyers/news letters)

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Web Hosting

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Our Pricing

All prices shown below are current and up to date. We do not use any previous price lists or sales pitch to attract our customers into purchasing from us.

Think you have a better quote, let us know...we will meet or beat any online price on the same web development we offer, plus you are guaranteed the finest product along with our dedicated customer service.

Services Price List  Prices valid from 1/1/18 to 1/1/19

Effective Solutions For Today's World ! - Smart Advice, Technology, and Services: Web Consulting Made Easy [pricing may vary based on solution complexity]
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Service ID Service Type Description Price per Hour or Incident
01-0788 Consultant Fee Basic Consulting fee (consulting/solutions) only $50.00
01-0789 Web Consultant Fee Consulting fee for processing $100.00
02-0786 1-3 page layout page with logo, up to 3 photos, standard graphics $200.00
03-0786 4-5 page layout page with logo, up to 4 photos, custom or standard graphics $500.00
04-0786 6-7 page layout page with logo, up to 7 photos, custom or standard graphics $900.00
05-0786 8-10 page layout page web site, including logo, up to 10 photos, custom or standard $2,300.00
06-0789 10 plus page layout Over 10 pages: free quotes upon request Call
01-0143 Graphics/Pictures Graphics, pictures or images (per page) $3.00
02-0143 Custom Graphic/Logo Custom Graphics, pictures or images (per page) $30.00
03-0143 Company Logo Creation of Company Logo $50.00
04-0143 Scanned Picture Scanned Graphics, pictures or images (per image) $10.00
01-0243 External Links Links to other sites i.e. partners (per link) $2.00
02-0243 Forms Basic forms online or printed $40.00
03-0243 Site Menu Basic web site menu with dropdown (per page) $3.50
04-0243 Audio Site audio i.e. background music or music clips $8.00
05-0243 Guestbook Basic site guestbook $5.00
06-0243 Domain Name setup Basic service to setup domain (per month @ $8.95) $107.40
07-0243 Web Hosting Basic Web Host; price can change depending on hosting plan and storage (per month @ $4.00) $48.00
08-0243 Advertising Web Site promotions i.e. social media (per advertisement) $5.00
01-0343 Site Maintenance Monthly Fee for maintaining site and minor updates ($31.25 per 15min.) $125.00
01-0443 Shopping Cart Ecommerce online Shopping cart $25.00
02-0443 Online Auction Basic Ecommerce Online Auction (can be linked to eBay, Amazon) $35.00
03-0443 Advertising Site Ads Basic Banner Ads $15.00
04-0443 Calendars Basic Calendar Events $25.00
05-0443 E-Commerce Complex E-Commerce Setup i.e. cart, booking, scheduling, tracking $1,000.00

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Solution Segments


The art of communication, stylizing, and problem-solving through the use of type setting and images. Logo design, web design & more! Connecting the world to great graphic visiblity. Furthermore, our sites are designed to be easily viewed on all monitor sizes.

  ♦ Artwork ♦ Logos ♦ Photos ♦ E Mail ♦ Newsletters ♦  Business Cards ♦ Flyers ♦ And Much More.    View details »

Page Layout

JGWD Solutions constructs web sites with appropriate page layout that is not only pleasing to the eye but also easily navigated. Good page layout not only establishes the consistency of the site, it provides an element of familiarity that will aid visitors in message comprehension and navigation. Our goal is to use page layout to facilitate the communication of your message through the unique look and feel of the site. Furthermore, our sites are designed to be easily viewed on all monitor sizes.

Site Navigation

Web site navigation must be obvious and easy. Awkward navigation will frustrate web viewers and drive away traffic. JGWD Solutions will integrate both text and graphical navigational links throughout the web site ensuring an easy flow through the site. In addition, pages will be inter-connected through the use of text links added within the copy of the site.

Web Site Update

Need to change the content of your web site? Want to add new images to your online catalog? Have new services and products you want your customers to know about? This is the time for your Refreshing your web site with updated content and new images has a beneficial impact to your online presence: Your customers will be informed about the new or improved services and products you offer, and they will be invited to browse the entire Web site and check also products and services they usually do not purchase from you.

One of the MUST DO's for a higher ranking in search engines is the continuous work on the Web site. The content needs to be updated as often as possible, new pages need to be added, images need to be replaced. The continuous update of the Web site will tell the spiders the Web site lives, and it is worth being placed higher in the search engine rankings. A Web site where nothing changes is considered a dead Web site with nothing interesting to offer and it will drop in the ranking very fast.

For that matter, JGWD Solutions provides site updates or maintenance,
the complete Web site update
for as low as $450*

Updates Include

 Change content on any existing page of your Web site.
 Process and add unlimited number of images.
 Create up to 3 new pages with new content and images.
 Change page titles.
 Change meta tag content.
 Add up to two new forms.

* Price applies only to current clients with Web sites designed and developed by JGWD Solutions or maintained by JGWD Solutions. However this service is being offered to all customers. Please send us an inquiry and we will be happy to send you an estimate.

*** Work on the project will only begin after receipt of entire material and instructions. Please let us know when you send the last batch of data.

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How it Works

For JGWD Solutions Clients

1.) Prepare all the material and send it to us together with your instructions.

2.) As soon as we receive*** the material and the instructions, we will schedule the new project (usually no later that one week)

3.) We will upload the updated Web site on the server on the scheduled day.

NOTE: If you wish to change the architecture of your web site (main navigation) please contact us first for a price estimate.

For new Clients:

**You need pdf reader in order to read the above pdf file.
You can download this program for free from here.
1.) Click here to get an instant price quote.

2.) Optional: You can send us the login information and we will access your server, and download and upload the pages directly from and back onto the server

3.) Prepare all the material and send it to us together with your instructions

4.) As soon as we receive*** the material and the instructions, we will schedule the new project (usually no later that one week)

5.) We will upload the updated Web site on the server or will deliver the project on cd, upon your request.


Market Focus

Our Focus

JGWD Solutions is an organization that develops its web designs and consulting operations based upon market conditions rather than organizational demands.

We Focus on:

♦ Business to Business ♦ Direct to Consumer ♦ Foundations & Non-Profits ♦ Professional Associations ♦ Municipal Education ♦ Authors Entertainers

Design Strategy and Planning

Strategy. Appeal. Function.

For any web site design project to be truly successful, it should be a balance of sound business strategy; function that empowers the client and end user; and, appeal that brings home your message. JGWD Solutions, strives to understand each client's organization so that we can implement a customized plan for the creation of a web presence that effectively melds a number of professional services. 

Domain Name Registration/s

You want to put your business in the hands
of professionals that provide:

Security, Reliability, Better Overall Value

All domain name providers are not created equal.
So why take chances with your business? There are several providers and JGWD Solutions will represent your company and located the lowest hosting package to meet your needs.


Unique Solutions for Every Market Our dynamic team provides a full suite of web services.


Our Work Exemplifies Exceptional Results

Even sophisticated levels of information can be translated into a user experience that generates positive results.


Strategic Planning

When you understand your clients, you have the power to provide them with custom solutions geared toward their unique needs. At JGWD Solutions, we incorporate business strategy in every development project so that we can minimize irrelevancies and maximize each client's web potential.

Web Site Design Services

The creative team at JGWD Solutions has the ultimate responsibility for completing web development projects that translate into powerful sales and informational tools for the client. Although we strive to project an image that conveys each client's specific message and brand, we aren't just about aesthetic appeal. Each project incorporates business strategy, usability, functionality, marketing and user psychology so that the end result performs as well as it looks.

Internet Consulting

Researching the client, direct competitors and the client's industry

Presenting the client with the results of this research and educating the client on current web techniques

Working jointly with the client to develop strategic plans for increased sales/traffic, improved customer communications and opportunities for cost-savings via web technologies

Implementing the strategic plan throughout the development process

Identifying tools and techniques for monitoring the results

With a clearly defined strategic plan at our disposal, every phase of development can be refined to optimize the client's potential for sales generation and future growth. Without this critical service, the end result would be simply a product and not a solution.

Web Design

Your visitors' first impressions of your web site should never be their last. The design professionals at JGWD Solutions attack every "blank canvas" with these goals in mind:

Inclusion of compelling graphic elements optimized for site responsiveness and consistent with existing brand imagery

Designing a structure that emphasizes maximum usability and positive audience response

Navigation based on a successful user experience

Home page design that engages, promotes the brand, and offers clear pathways to critical site content

Integration of attractive tools for sales and lead generation throughout the site


What Do You Want to Accomplish Today?

Let us get to know you, your organization and your objectives to start a successful collaboration.

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  1. Consulting fee at $ 100
  2. Web Maintainace fee at $ 125 [pricing may vary based on solution complexity]
  3. Desktop Publishing base pricing starting at
  4. Ecommerce base at $ 1,000
  5. Singal Project (enter quoted price provide by
    JGWDS Services

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